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Golden Nuggets: Syd the Prankster

The SacBee ran a great story on the antics of the normally quiet Syd'Quan Thompson.  The article goes on to talk about Syd's family.  It's a great read for those who want to know more about Syd's background.

Thompson does have a penchant for prank-calling his mother, Patty, who falls for it every time.

"I'll call her work, change my voice and tell her that the pizza delivery is on its way, and she'll say it's not for her, and I'll have her going," Thompson said, a grin creasing his face after a Bears practice Wednesday. "Love that."

Or the time he called his mom and, with a deepened voice, said, "Yes, this is Berkeley police. Are you related to Syd Thompson?"

Mom's heart sank, before her son burst out laughing.

Earlier this year, Thompson called, in regular voice and tenor, and said she'd never guess where he was. The library. A perfect place to research and read--and where the quiet blend in with the really quiet.

"The library, of all places!" Patty recalled this week at her North Sacramento home. "I couldn't get that kid into a library at all during high school--too cool--and now where is he now every day? The library. I'm so happy, so proud. Look what the world can do for you."

After the jump we have JO's practice notes, injury updates, optimism from Wilner, previews of Cal sports events this weekend and more.  Due to the bye week, the Golden Nuggets will take Sunday off (unless some unexpected news breaks) and will be back Monday with a recap of the weekend in Cal sports.