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Golden Nuggets: Some of Tedford's Most Memorable Moments has a feature with Tedford and some of his players talking about  five wins that Tedford feels were most important in turning around the program. The link has five total, but I'll profile two here:

Cal 30, Stanford 7 -- Nov. 23, 2002, 105th Big Game, Berkeley, Calif.

TEDFORD'S TAKE -- "That crowd when we beat Stanford and they tore the goal posts down, that was a big deal."

SINGLED OUT -- "The reaction of the crowd for getting the Axe back. For the players who couldn't go to a bowl game because of previous sanctions, for that to be the way they ended their career was just awesome to see. Those seniors in that environment and the way the fans reacted to that game, it was a big deal."

CONSIDERING THE CROWD -- TB Joe Igber (226 yards rushing): "It still gives me goose bumps. I played that game with a dislocated rib, and the last four minutes of the fourth quarter, with all the students crowding on the sideline. That was my championship."


Cal 34, No. 3 USC 31 (3OT) -- Sept. 27, 2003, Berkeley, Calif.

TEDFORD'S TAKE -- "That win kind of solidified it in the fans' eyes. It gave our program some recognition."

SINGLED OUT -- Backup QB Reggie Robertson (TD pass in 1st OT), DL Brian Tremblay (forced fumble at Cal 5-yard line in 1st OT): "For Reggie to come in and throw a touchdown pass under duress in such a highly competitive game, he came in and pretty much won the game. Brian's play, topping off a big defensive stand down there to knock the ball loose, was huge."

SAID REGGIE -- "I got word that I was going in and the offense was already huddling up on the sideline. I just took off my headphones and grabbed my helmet. I can't really express how grateful I am to be a part of that."

TREMBLAY'S TAKE -- "Hundreds of plays, maybe thousands, but there are certain moments you look back and know they meant something. Making that play, it was instantaneous. I knew that was going to be big." 

The others are Cal 46-22 over No. 15 Michigan St in 2002, Cal 34-27 over No. 12 Washington in 2002, and Cal 52-49 over Virginia Tech in the 2003 Insight Bowl.

It's a slow news day, but after the jump an Oakland Tribune columnists gives up on going to the Rose Bowl under Tedford, Ryan Anderson talks about playing in Orlando, and more.