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Cal v. ASU 10.31.09 Third Quarter Thread

DON'T STOP BELIEVING! If there's one thing Journey has taught me (and really, it is very difficult for me to pick just one thing), it's that you should use this thread to discuss all Cal v. ASU 10.31.09 Third Quarter action. Also, don't forget to vote in the CGB Insta-Poll. Carry on, our wayward sons! That was a Journey song, right?

Avi's halftime thoughts after the jump:

Quick halftime thoughts

  • Other than those two fumbles, that was Riley's best first half of the season. If he plays like this in the second half we're in good shape.
  • The Bears offensive line is playing really really poorly right now. Personal foul penalty on Tepper? 2.9 yards per rush? Riley getting hammered and rushed on half of their plays? Unacceptable, even with Boskovich and Edwards in.
  • Arizona State has had one good offensive play; Cal has had one bad defensive play so far where Ezeff made a huge error. Everything else has been the defense doing their job keeping everyone in front of them, and Syd'Quan and Josh Hill both caused huge turnovers.
  • The Sun Devils cannot run the ball even with Derrick HIll out. If Cal can get a double digit lead again, it puts a lot of the game into the hands of Sullivan. Hopefully our coverage will step up big time in the second half.
  • I feel bad saying this, because he's a great guy, but Mike Tepper's best days are behind him. Mitchell Schwartz should start seeing more time at left tackle.
  • Remember, we're in the desert, it's Halloween, and weird stuff always happens here. Any win, by any margin, is acceptable. Let's not care about style points--just get the win Bears!