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Week 5 Non-Cal Football Open Thread

Pump up your fellow Cal fans by copying this on your Facebooks/Myspaces/whatever, printing this out, taking it to the game, spreading it among your Bears in the stands to help rile them up.

Yo, everyone, GET YOUR GODDAMNED GAME FACES ON. These are the Trojans, and we need to treat them like Trojans: Give them a rollicking ride, take them on a three-hour, dirty-talking, ass-slapping, multiple-orgasm-producing trip to the next dimension, and then tear ‘em off and flush ‘em down the toilet and grab a beer and fall asleep with a fat-ass smile.

Can we do that? Does a Bear s--- in Tommy Trojan’s megaphone? Did O.J. do it? Did O.J. Mayo get paid? Is ‘Tusk’ the worst song in the history of recorded music? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Let’s dooooooooooo itttttttt.

~The legendary freestylings of Michael Silver

Click for full game report!

Conditions: Lots and lots of wind. Northwest winds of 20 to 30 mph, with gusts up to 45 mph. That is not a misprint.

Temperature: 67 degrees near the kickoff, dropping to about 57 degrees by 9 PM, although I'm not sure how much that takes into account the wind factor.

Line: USC favored by 4

No Pac-10 primer this week. It's not like any of you care about the rest of these games anyway. Inside the Pac-10 will recap all the other games tomorrow or Monday.

All of the moderators (Marshawnthusiasts, Jahvidtician, Follettariat) will be at the game, and we'll all try to at least make cameos at the tailgate, so show up! Follow us on the Twitter for any updates.

For the rest of you watching elsewhere (on your big screens, at the bars, on ESPN360), keep things reasonable while we're gone. Except for the SC hating. You can do plenty of that.

Here's the estimated schedule of posts, so keep this in mind.

4:00 PM PST/7 PM EST: 1st quarter thread will go up.

5:45 PM PST/8:45 PM EST: 2nd quarter thread

6:30 PM PST/9:30 PM EST: 3rd quarter thread

7:15 PM PST/10:15 PM EST: 4th quarter thread (and overtime thread if necessary)

8:45 PM PST/11:45 PM PST:  Postgame thread

If any of the posts go up before the quarter is concluded, stay in the current quarter thread. Only move on to the next thread after the quarter is concluded, then link to the next quarter thread in the comments of the bottom quarter thread (i.e. 1st quarter concludes, someone link to the 2nd quarter thread, etc.).

In the unlikely case the game is moving at warp vector eight, just stay in the current thread until the next quarter thread appears at the times above before linking.

Enjoy the games, here's the schedule of games to pay attention to:

5 PM: USC at California, ABC HD/ESPN360 in areas not televised

One focus people, one focus.

After the jump, here's an updated list of the recruits with some changes from yesterday's post.

Here's a list from the Bear Insider of the actual recruits visiting for Cal-USC.

Tevin Carter -Santee High School- 6-3/190 receiver

Nick Forbes -Governor Thomas Johnson High School- 6-1/224

Austin Hinder -Steamboat Springs High School- 6-4/185 Quarterback

Jordon James -Corona High School- 5-10/180 Running Back

Anthony Jefferson -Cathedral High School- 6-2/190 Wide Receiver  

Gabe King -South Eugene High School- 6-5/260 Defensive End

Cassius Marsh -Oaks Christian High School- 6-4/264 Defensive End

Owa Odighizuwa -Douglas High School -6-4/230 Defensive End

Sean Parker -Narbonne High School -6-0/180 Safety

Ronald Powell -Rancho Verde High School -6-4/245 Defensive End

Lache Seastrunk -Temple High School -5-10/185 Running Back

Chris Ward -Mater Dei High School- 6-4/285 Offensive Tackle

Cecil Whiteside -Newport Harbor High School- 6-3/220 Outside Linebacker 

David Wilkerson -Monte Vista High School- 6-2/225 Inside Linebacker

Chris Adcock -Dallas Christian High School- 6-3/301 Offensive Guard/Center

Garrett Adcock -Dallas Christian High School- 6-2/265- Offensive Guard

Mario Brown -Bishop O'Dowd High School- 5-9/160 Running Back

Alex Crosthwaite -Cathedral High School- 6-4.5/305 Offensive Tackle

Davon Dunn -Lincoln High School- 6-0/180 Wide Receiver

Josh Harper -St. Mary's High School- 6-1/180 Wide Receiver

Kenny Stills -La Costa Canyon High School -6-2/180 Wide Receiver