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CGB Top 25 - Week 8

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Cincinnati
4 Texas
5 Southern Cal
6 Boise State
7 Iowa

A couple of near-upsets at the top ('Bama nearly gagged at home vs. Tennessee on the 3rd 4th Saturday in October, Florida let Mississippi State hang around far too long, USC got into a surprising shootout with Oregon State, and Iowa pulled another rabbit out of its hat to top Michigan State and stay perfect), but the CGB voters are unmoved.  In a pure power poll, you might see Texas or Cincinnati climb to the top, but despite a couple blowout wins, neither did enough to overcome relatively weaker overall résumés.

8 Oregon 2
9 LSU 3
10 TCU 3
11 Georgia Tech 2
12 Virginia Tech 1
13 Miami (Florida) 5

Miami loses in overtime to Clemson -- not an unpardonable sin, especially given their overall record this year, but not someone a Top 10 team should be losing to -- and they drag fellow ACCers Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech down with them.  Unless some craziness happens, I have a feeling all three of those teams will be rather tied at the hip this season.  Oregon, LSU and TCU are the beneficiaries; TCU, in particular, finally put up a good win in clobbering BYU on the road (although Florida State already did that this year, and look where they are now...)

14 Oklahoma State
15 Penn State 2
16 South Carolina 4
17 Arizona 1
18 Pittsburgh 1
19 Houston 2

Texas Tech and BYU lose -- and badly -- to tumble out of our poll.  Everyone else gets to move up!  Nothing really interesting to say here.  None of these teams have really impressive résumés at this point, which is the main reason Miami didn't fall further.

20 Utah
21 Central Michigan 2
22 Ohio State
23 Mississippi
24 Navy
25 Notre Dame
Last week's ballot

Utah, Ole Miss, and Navy are welcomed back to our poll.  I really tried hard not to vote for Ohio State, only a week removed from losing to Purdue(!), but there really wasn't anyone else.  I really wanted to stop at 20 teams, but the ballot calls for 25, so here are some teams.  Enjoy.

Dropped Out: Texas Tech (#15), Brigham Young (#16), Arkansas (#24).

Texas Tech and BYU both lost, and lost hard.  Tech was especially embarrassing, getting blown out by a previously hapless Texas A&M squad.  Meanwhile, Ole Miss beat Arkansas to claim the Razorbacks' position near the bottom of our poll.  Whoo.