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Golden Nuggets: Wildcat and MNF Open Thread

This is the open thread for tonight's Monday Night Football matchup featuring DeSean and the Iggles taking on Andre Carter and Washington.

Now, to the stories of the day.  JO has some post-game quotes from players and coaches.  While defense was one major topic (particularly the 4-3 package run several times), another was the Wildcat.  Tedford, Vereen, and Best all had things to say about what they'd like to see in future variants of the play.


On the Wildcat formation

It’s a combined effort with everyone. We’re going to go in with some part of it every game. It’s in our package. The players do really like it. I heard Shane and Jahvid are starting to come in saying, "Let’s do this, let’s do that." They enjoy it. It’s fun. It spreads people out. We’re not going to live on it by any means. But it’s part of the offense that we’re always going to carry in some way, shape or form.


On what the team does with the Wildcat

There’s a lot of different parts to it. We probably ran three different parts of it today. It depends on what you’re looking for out of it, if you’re looking for misdirection, if you’re looking to spread the field, if you’re looking to get guys out of the box. Every week, we do something a little different with it. But Shane and Jahvid both have a real good feel for it back there. You utilize it for a lot of different reasons.


On what he would do with the Wildcat formation
It would be crazy. I know it would work, though. I’d probably throw in there a little more pass plays for us, maybe a couple options, zone reads. You never know. We could do a lot of stuff.

On the Wildcat formation making it hard on opposing defenses

Me and Jahvid are the main running force, especially when he gets the ball, they’re on their toes, ready to go. And then when we throw something at them that they’re not ready for or pound them with the downhill game, it definitely keeps them on their heels and keeps them honest.


On what he would do with the Wildcat formation

I’d definitely add some kind of option with me and Shane.


On whether he would like to throw out of the Wildcat
Shane’s the thrower. He can do all the throwing.

On why the Wildcat is effective

We got Isi out there and they have to honor the sweep with Isi. And if they don’t, then we still burn it down the sideline with that. So it just keeps the defenses honest.

After the jump I have tv coverage info for Cal-OSU, injury updates, Pac-10 power rankings, the rest of the weekend in Cal sports and more.