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Non-Cal Football Week 8 Evening Open Thread

For those who want to discuss Cal-Wazzu, scroll up to the Postgame Thread, it'll be up at 4:45 PM PST at the least (until then stick to the 4th quarter thread). This is for the rest of today's college football action, enjoy!

Two Pac-10 games on the evening slate, involving three of our four upcoming opponents!

In progress
UCLA at Arizona, FS AZ/Prime Ticket/look for stream: The Bruins are perilously close to 0-4 in the Pac-10, 0-5 looming with a trip to Corvallis. With this and Wazzu in the next two weeks, the Wildcats would like to secure bowl eligibility before facing Cal, Oregon, ASU and USC. Knowing Mike Stoops he'll somehow lose to Wazzu.

4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST

TCU at BYU, Versus HD: Winner stays alive for a BCS at-large bid (considering how weak a lot of the other conferences appear, the MWC champ, undefeated or one loss, still has a good shot).

Auburn at LSU, ESPN HD: Winner stays alive for the SEC West title, since both still have dates with Alabama. Les Miles always misplaces a few of his 22 chromosomes when he plays Auburn too.

Florida at Miss St., ESPN2 HD: Mississippi State's last three losses: by 4 to LSU, by 11 at Georgia Tech, by 7 to Houston. Perfectly capable of giving the Gators a scare, although this comment will look stupid when they're down 30-0 at halftime.


Oregon State at USC, ABC HD on the West Coast, ESPN360 elsewhere: Can Quizz do it again? Canfield surprisingly has the Beavers 13th in pass accuracy too, so they have all the ingredients on offense to pull it off Problem is their pass defense is much weaker than last year.

Texas at Missouri, ESPN360 on the West Coast, ABC HD elsewhere: Although not as brutal as last year's murderer's row, winning the Red River, at Missouri and at Oklahoma State would be an impressive 3-0 stretch for the Longhorns. It'd almost assuredly wrap up a trip to Dallas in December.

7:15 PM PST/10:15 PM EST

Arizona State at Furd, FSN HD: This is a real big test for the Furd offense, who now play the best defense they've seen all season. This should give Cal fans a real insight into both teams--can Arizona State's tepid offense get going against defense that isn't worst in the world? Who will triumph, madman Burfict or crooner Gerhart? Also, should be fun to count how many empty seats there are in the Farm.