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What Are the Greatest Cal Football Runs of All Time?

Hard not to argue that Jahvid Best's 93 yard touchdown run definitely put itself into the annals of greatest Cal runs. Everything about that play--the Kevin Riley block, the six to seven whiffs by Bruins depending on who you count, good enough man blocking to give Best plenty of open space to evade the tackles, Matt Summers-Gavin knocking Jerzy Siewierski down not once but twice, Brian Price flailing in pursuit before ultimately giving up, poor Alterraun Verner getting juked out and burned again (not his finest game)--places this one into Cal football lore.

So readers, we want to know what you think: Where does this rank among the greatest Golden Bearfootball runs of all time? And what are the greatest Cal football runs you've ever witnessed or experienced whether at the game or on TV? We've had so many stud athletes, like Lindsey Chapman, Russell White, Deltha, Joe Igber, Arrington, Marshawn, Desean, Forsett, Jet, plus all the others in between, let us know your best! Rec your favorites and we'll list the most rec'd in a future post! Bonus points for any video you can scrounge up.

Note--kick returns and punt returns count, as do wide receiver runs--anything where one player had to do all or most of the running is what we're looking for.

(hat tip to Cal Ranger from Bear Insider for the idea!)