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Bottoms Up! - The CGB Football Drinking Game

I mentioned off-hand during this past Saturday's game against UCLA that it might be time to make up a new Cal drinking game.  After all, there's only so many times we can run the ALAMAR!!!!!!! meme into the ground, and we also needed something that everyone who doesn't camp in our open threads can participate in during game days.

Hm, Let's Try That One Again! - Take a swig of beer if:

#O*O@$H@RI#@R Pete Alamar Better Be A Damn Good Recruiter To Make Up For This - Chug if

  • Cal gives up a 40+ yard kick return
  • Cal gives up a 20+ yard punt return
  • A tight end drops a pass
  • A kickoff fails to reach the 10 yard line
  • A field goal kick is woefully short
Self-explanatory - Finish your beer if:
  • You hear the words: TOUCHDOWN BEARS!

WHY!!!?!? - Take a shot if

  • Kevin Riley throws a pass into triple coverage
  • Riley throws a pass where there are no players within a ten yard radius
  • Jahvid gets stopped for no gain or a loss
  • Cal calls a screen pass on third and long - and you called it ahead of time

Reserved For Special Occasions - Tap a keg if:

  • Cal beats USC
  • Cal beats Oregon
  • Cal beats Stanford
  • Cal wins a bowl game
Once In A Lifetime - Do a kegstand if:
  • You're watching Cal play in the Rose Bowl against a team other than UCLA
Have any suggestions or additions?  Post them in the comments below!