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Non-Cal Football Open Thread

To discuss Cal-UCLA, the postgame thread should be right above this post. This thread is to discuss the remaining college football games this Saturday night.

Here's the schedule for the rest of the day. Both Furd-Arizona and Washington-Arizona State are pretty significant , since it's hard really to distinguish between the four right now--are they big time threats or small potatoes? Hopefully we'll start to find out after watching them.

Also, some of you might want to talk about the baseball playoffs. This is also the place for you weirdos. 

Wrapping up
USC at Notre Dame, NBC HD
Arkansas at Florida, CBS HD

In Progress
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech, ESPN2 HD

Kansas at Colorado, FSN HD/CSN Bay Area

4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST
Furd at Arizona, Versus HD
Kentucky at Auburn, ESPNU

4:45 PM PST/7:45 PM EST
South Carolina at Alabama, ESPN HD

4:57 PM PST/7:57 PM EST
Game 2: Angels at Yankees, FOX HD

6:15 PM PST/9:15 PM EST
Missouri at Oklahoma St., ESPN2 HD

7:15 PM PST/10:15 PM EST
Washington at Arizona St., FSN HD/CSN Bay Area