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Golden Nuggets: Press Luncheon Quotes Continued

JO has many more quotes from yesterday's press luncheon.  He has quotes from Mychal Kendricks, Marcus Ezeff, and Marvin Jones.  Let's take a look at what Kendricks said.

On the prognosis for the rest of the season

We have to win every game for now on. We can’t lose again. We lost two games already. We’ve only had six points in eight quarters. We can’t lose again. I don’t think we are, either. Actually, I know we’re not.


On Jeff Tedford having the team form a "rally huddle" at the beginning and end of practice

That’s that swagger that we have all day, every day. That was fun. That’s what they’re trying to install in us. You have to have fun while we’re doing this. You just can’t be out there playing this game for no reason. You have to have fun while doing it.


On the importance of having fun on the field

We always have a sense of urgency and we always want to win, but I feel like having fun while we’re out there playing is just going to help us play better. Win or lose, honestly all of us play this game and we all have fun, win or lose. Now when you win, you have a lot more fun.


On whether it’s a positive that the problems the team is having appear to be fixable

I wouldn’t say it’s positive, but it’s a reassurance that it’s fixable. Just take a step back and do what you have to do.


On what he’s learned this season

What we’ve learned is that we win as a team and we lose as a team. From the coaches to the players to the waterboys — We win as a team, and if we lose as a team, we can bounce back.

After the jump we have more articles on Kendricks' quotes, how weather has limited the team's ability to practice, how UCLA plans to improve its defense, info on the upcoming open scrimmage for men's basketball, and more.