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Week 6 College Football Morning Open Thread

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This is the week where we find out if teams not named USC are actually contenders for the Pac-10 crown. With the three leaders in the campaign (sorry, I missed another sleeper in the recap post) about to embark on formidable road trips, we should monitor these games closely to see how these teams stack up against each other. 

This thread should run for the morning games; two more will be up for the afternoon games and the evening. Note: television network schedule applies only to the West Coast. If you live elsewhere, consult this schedule and accompanying coverage maps.

Also, look out on College Gameday, there's a small chance one of our commenters will try to sneak into the madhouse behind Death Valley to get the Cal flag featured. He said the probability was low, but we'll see what happens. Good luck man, thanks for trying and hopefully you get in!

Morning thread: Use this to discuss any of the games that start around the times below. Afternoon thread will be up around 3:15 PM EST/12:15 PM PST for discussion of the afternoon games.

#17 Auburn at Arkansas, ESPN HD
Purdue at Minnesota (hasn't Minnesota been on ESPN noon kickoffs the past six weeks? The Big Ten has such plum TV deals), ESPN2 HD
Georgia at Tennesse, CSN California

12:30 PM EST/9:30 AM PST
#15 Oklahoma State at Texas A&M, FSN HD or CSN Bay Area
Iowa State at #16 Kansas, ESPNU HD