DBD 1.08.09 Who's #1?

I'm sure Twist has some important things to talk about the shocking Gossip Girl revelations. But he can talk about it elsewhere. Today we must mourn the end of another college football season. One game is left, the biggest one of them all, or whatever.

We've already talked about BCS/playoffs this week; if you want a nuanced article on the issue, check out Smart Football's take. If you want a strong and reasonable refutation of the BCS, check out sabermetric Bill James and his thoughts about the irrational calcuation of the computers as to who should be national champion. What we can debate is who you really believe deserves the national championship.

The winner of Florida/Oklahoma: It's the BCS championship, and the winner deserves it, no matter if it ends in a 7-3 slopfest or not. That's what everyone agreed upon, right? Both teams are 1 loss and probably deserving, but are they more deserving than everyone else? Do you believe the winner of this game can essentially beat the other three on a neutral site?

Texas: If Oklahoma wins, some AP voters might consider ranking them #1 since they beat Oklahoma head-to-head. None of those votes will come from the Bay Area. If they do, those journalists should be fired and deported to Somalia. They beat Missouri, Okie State and Texas Tech, but those wins are looking less impressive by the week. So they'll have to pin their hopes on the Red River Shootout being all that was needed to qualify them.

Utah: Undefeated, so they're Rick Reilly's champion, which means so much since he knows nothing about college football. They waxed Alabama from the mighty SEC in what was essentially a home game for them, so that's mighty impressive. They beat TCU, BYU, Air Force, Michigan and Oregon State, and you get the feeling they'd have the ability to compete against Florida or Oklahoma.

USC: Crushed Ohio State, a team that Texas barely scraped by. Beat up an Oregon team that will finish close to the top 10 if not in it. Lost to Oregon State, a team who had three losses to potentially three teams that'll finish in the top 10. They looked the fiercest of all the three contenders in their bowl matchup, eviscerating Penn State for one half and then providing them pity points for the final half when it was clear the Lions weren't playing to win. More importantly, there's a good chance if Florida or Oklahoma played USC, USC would be favored in both matchups.

Who do you think deserves the national championship the most and why? If you believe it should be split, who should get the pieces of the champion pie?

PS: One piece of good news for Hydro; the BCS will be around until at least 2013.

Brown, who has worked at ESPN for 21 of the network's 29 years, is not only the king of the mid-week college football game but also one of the driving forces behind games like the preseason Chick-fil-A College Kickoff game that pitted Alabama and Clemson last year and will match the Crimson Tide against ACC champion Virginia Tech on Sept. 5 to open the 2009 season.

He's also the person to talk to if you want to know if there will ever be a playoff in major college football. The answer, at least for the four-year duration of ESPN's recent agreement to broadcast the BCS bowl games, is a definite no.

"The next four-year cycle is done, so a playoff is not a consideration at this point," Brown said. "I wouldn't want to see the bowls changed because I don't want to create meaningless games during the regular season. I don't think that would be good for college football."

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