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YouTube Thursday - IT'S COUGAR WEEK, kind of.

More like Cougar Day.  We face WSU, but we also have UW on the horizon.  If the weather cooperates and Cal can make it up there, this should be a great weekend for hoops.  Cal is hoping to build off of its momentum from sweeping the Arizona schools.

First up, the Cougs:

WSU is currently being led by the Baynes Train, Aron Baynes:

There is also Taylor Rochestie to keep an eye on:


Don't forget, we are facing UW, too:


What?  Another Isaiah Thomas?  That UW B-Ball player thought he had a great name, up until like 4 years ago when the Knicks hired *that* Isaiah Thomas.  Oh well.  All good things must end.  Kind of like how it was for my great-grandfather Adolf N. Hook.  It was going so well and, well, yknow.  The fact that the N stood for Hirohito didn't help, either.

But Thomas ain't the other one there.

When dealing with UW, you have to deal with Justin Dentmon.  This is apparently some clips of him:


And their big C, Jon Brockman:

He apparently loves to eat:

I know, right  Can't eat 22 pancakes?  What a little pussy.  I could do that!  I mean I'm not 140 pounds for nothing!  Or, alternatively, not 140 pounds.

Czech out UW's lockerroom:

Dude, I'm just happy that that Powder looking motherfucker, Applebee's ain't there anymore.  He was like the Eckstein of college basketball!  Ai!

But they still have Quincy Pondexter:


So, there you go, some of the players to keep an eye on this weekend.  First up, WSU tonight and then UW over the weekend.

Of course, any discussion of the B3 Hammond Organ would not be complete without the undisputed king, Jimmy Smith.  And Joey DeFrancesco (who is appearing at Yoshi's later this month) would be in the discussion.

But if you had to go after the pound for pound weirdest jazz organist, you have to go for Dr. Lonnie Smith.  Is he a real doctor?  I don't think so.  He just decided to start calling himself that.  And why does he wear a turbin?  No idea, I think he just decided to do that.  I saw him play in SF the other month and he is great, when he's focused on playing with the group.  Here's a solid solo of his I just picked out:

Bee Tee Dubz, if you like that sax player there, he (Lou Donaldson) is coming to Yoshi's in Feb.  See the link above.  Go Bears!