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Cal @ UCLA 2009.01.29 Open Thread

Hey folks, it's your open thread for Cal's annual visit to Pauley Pavilion and the fULCA baby bruins.  Here's your broadcast info:

Cal Bears @ UCLA Bruins
Saturday, January 29, 2009
Pauley Pavilion, 7:30PM

TV : Comcast Sports Net Plus
Radio : KYOU 1550 AM


The Bruins have lost 2 of 3 to fall out of 1st place in the Pac-10.  Losses to Arizona State and at Washington have shown some chinks in the Bruins armor, and if they fall to the Bears tonight, they'll have lost to the top 3 teams in the Pac-10, and that will no longer include them.  The Bruins don't have the inside presence they had last year (thank GOD that Kevin Love is in the NBA), and I think the Bears have the guards to compete with the Bruins, though whether a banged-up Randle can really slow down Darren Collison too much remains to be seen.

Myself, I remain skeptical of the Bears' chances.  We'll give the Bruins a game, but I'm going to probably need a few drinks to get through tonight, which is why I'll be watching the game down at Triple Rock in Berkeley with CBKWit (among others).  See you tonight after the game!

Oh, and if you're still not yet fired up, perhaps this will angry up the blood: