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Cal v. Oregon Postgame Reaction

Y'know the Cal team that swept the Arizona schools at home, then beat the Cougars in Pullman and outlasted the Huskies in Seattle?  What happened to that team?  I think I saw them play at Maples last week, falling just short, but I don't know where they've been this week; certainly not at Haas.

So, Cal beat Oregon, who is still winless in conference play, but they sure didn't look great doing it.  Yeah, the game wasn't *quite* as close as the score indicated because Jamal Boykin couldn't hit free throws down the stretch, while Oregon's Tajuan Porter kept jacking up desperation threes and making them, but it was a sloppy, uneven effort from the Bears, and if they play like this in LA next weekend, they don't have a prayer of pulling an upset (Would a win at the Galen Center be an upset?  At this point, I'd have to think so).

The Bears still do a lot of things right, and I don't want to take away from some great individual efforts out there today.  But Oregon, while talented, is still very young and very green, and they made enough mistakes out there that the Bears are at least capable of beating them by at least 20.  Being back in the winning column is nice, but the schedule says the Bears visit Pauley Pavilion 5 days from now, and right now, I'm worried.

I'll have more complete thoughts on this game tomorrow, and TwistNHook should have a photo post or two to start next week off right.  'Till then, this is your postgame discussion thread.