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Cal vs. Oregon 09.01.24 Open Thread

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Your University of California Men's Basketball team takes on the Ducks of UC Eugene today at 3PM.  Trying to bounce back from a terribly disappointing loss to Oregon State on Thursday night and snap a 2-game losing streak, the Bears get a pretty favorable opponent to do it against in the Ducks.  Now, obviously, Thursday night reminds up that no Pac-10 team is a pushover, but if you're gonna get healthy, at home against a team still winless (0-7) in the conference is the team to do it against.

Here's your gameday viewing information:

Cal Bears v. Oregon Ducks
Saturday, January 24, 2009
Haas Pavilion, 3PM

TV : Comcast SportsNet California
Radio : KYOU 1550 AM

This is your open thread for the game.  Use it wisely!