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Cal @ Stanfurd 1.17.09 Open Thread

Your No. 23 California Golden Bears travel down the peninsula to take on Stanford today at 5PM.  Oh, and a really minor sidenote -- hardly worth mentioning -- it will be Mike Montgomery's return to The Farm after 18 years as the Cadinal's head coach.  I doubt that will be a factor, though...

Game info:
TV : Comcast SportsNet Bay Area
Radio : KYOU 1550 AM

Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, earlier today, No. 15 Arizona State beat No. 7 UCLA, 61-58 in overtime at Pauley Paviion, leaving Cal as the last team still undefeated in conference play.  UCLA may still win the conference this year, but this defeat signals that they're unlikely to run away with it again this year.


Welcome back to The Farm, Monty.  -  Image via