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YouTube Thursday - And they say you can always come home

But man, home ain't what it used to be for Monty.  Now, he'll be on the opposing bench.  Now, he'll face the sneers and jeers of all those wacky band members in all Geisha outfits.  Now, he'll get to take on Stanford.  At Stanford!

It's a big basketball weekend. Stanford.  All weekend long!  We got a whole lot of red and white this weekend.  Big game on the men's side, because it's Monty's return home.  And big game on the women's side, because this game could help decide the Pac10.  If you think the men's game is big (and it is), the women's game is even bigger! 

First up, let's get some thoughts from the Stanford coach (although he isnt actually called that oddly enough), Johnny Dawkins:

Here's hoping he is a worse b-ball coach than actor.  Although that would be difficult:


Some highlights of their game against Arizona:


And here are some highlights of their game against TTU:


Keep an eye on senior leader Mitch Johnson.  Here he is getting embarrassed by Oregon player Tajuan Porter.  I love the announcer on this:

There are a lot of videos of press conferences up:

Keep an eye on Anthony Goods.  Here's some old video of him:



And he's got one thing in common with PChris:  agoraphobia!  Nah, just kidding, he's a sneakerhead:

I will never EVER understand sneakerheads, but yknow, whatever.


So, those are some videos of the men's side.  Here is some information on the women's basketball team, who Cal faces on Sunday 3 PM in Berkeley.  Tix are only 10 bucks and you can buy them here

So, let's take a look at some women's basketball videos.  Like meeting Ashley Cimono:

And some highlight videos:




Lets meet some more players.  Like Mel Murphy:


The coaches two dogs:


Michelle Harrison:


Hannah Donaghe:


Ok, theres a lot right there.  Lets end with some candy.  Often, I put on some really random musician or crazy European band here.  And you think "This guy is crazzy, why does he have some sort of trumpeter playing a song in 17/8 time or something."  So, instead of something like that, let's go with a Maynard Ferguson video.  Maynard Ferguson will never be known for subtelty.  He'll never be known for creating anything particularly different or new.  He will be known for pure power and strength.  And hitting notes way up there in the, heh, Faddisphere. 

This is his outfit playing Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon."  It has GOT to be from the 70s.  You can tell that Ferguson is not known for being all that adventurous, because that is probably the shortest recorded version of Chameleon ever.  Only like 6 minutes.  We used to play it longer in basketball pep band during high school for Tedford's sake!  It's really quintessential Ferguson.  Taking something that could conceivably be just crazzy and insane, make it far more for "pop" consumption.  Then, have him hitting some unimaginably high notes.  I don't think he even solos on this one.  But it's a good arrangement of a great song and it gives a decent cross-section of what you can expect from Maynard Ferguson.  Great, if straight ahead, music.

Look for the guitarist, that guy just looks pimp.


Ok, ok, I can't end on that.  I don't have a YouTube clip of this, but Reut Regev is a pimp Israeli trombonist.  Hot, too!  Here is her Sounds page.  Click on her solo part way down entitled:  "Live performance with the FBI at the C-Note. This is my solo on "What Is Real" by Sasha Sumner"  It's only about 2 minutes long, but I've been digging it for a long while now and just rediscovered the awesomeness that is Reut Regev!