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A Day In The Life Of The God Pod

"God, it really stinks up here.  I wish somebody would cut me down.  What is this?  White-coated arborists building a giant staircase to take me down?  Yay!!!!  Come soon, new friends!  Come soon!"

Thread I

Thread II

Well, as Thread II gets a bit bulky there, let's move on to Thread III here.  The live feed is here.  Comment away!

The aborists and company are almost there.  They've got the staircase flush with the encampment, but the sitters have moved to the God Pod, where they are most likely smelling bad and mooching.

Edit: Announcement! Goldblooded, who is on the scene, just informed me (over the cheers of a crowd) that apparently an agreement has been reached.  Cal will create some sort of committee for land use (the importance of which I predict will be minimal) and now the sitters are voluntarily coming down.  When we hear more, we will update further.  No forced extraction, it would appear.