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Thank Yous



Well, it is over.  The tree-sitters came down voluntarily, avoiding a messy extraction and now some inane committee will be formed and summarily ignored (Edit:  Apparently, that's not even true and Cal agreed to no such committee).

With the Oak Grove situation coming to a satisfying end, we thought it might be prudent to send a few thank yous the way of some highly underappreciated people these last many months:  UCPD.  They have been tirelessly dealing with the hypocrisy and insanity of the tree sitters and their support groups.  You can find their contact information here, starting with Victoria Harrison, the Chief of Police and many of the officers working under her who managed this difficult situation.  And Spazzy informs us that Berkeley spokestud Dan Mogulof's official email is DMogulof at berkeley dot edu. He put up with a lot, including personal attacks from the Berkeley Daily Planet.

Clearly, the protestors were looking for as much publicity and "police brutality" as possible to drum up support.  UCPD managed the situation there in the most reasonable, level-headed manner, ensuring that not only was it always safe, but also the protestors never got any of their beloved PR (except for that stupid announcer dude, who is that guy?).  While many fans gnashed their teeth and rent their clothes due to the lack of physical violence used against the protestors, UCPD realized that the protestors were a truly unimportant problem.  To stoop to their level was to give them the very PR they needed and to lose the battle. 

UCPD took the high road and, although frustrating at times (as the high road generally is), in the long run it paid off.  I am sure they would love to read thank you emails from Cal fans.  Also, thank yous are in order for Goldblooded who send many helpful reports back from the scene.

Also feel free to use this thread as a final discussion thread of the whole situation.  Don't miss out on Thread 1, Thread 2, and Thread 3.  Tons of great stuff in there.  So, send your thank yous in to UCPD and GO BEARS!