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Tree-Sitter Extraction Live Blog

I moved the previous text to the entry body behind the fold. 

I just spoke with Goldblooded.  He is at the grove right now.  He says that they are constructing a metal tower around the base of the tree.  It is similar to the drum major's tower, he tells me.  He says they are moving slowly, but have enough poles to make it to the top.  It is unclear exactly what this metal tower is for, but one would think it relates to the extraction.  Here is the ABC7 Live Feed if you want to keep an eye on things.  When I hear more, I'll pass word along to here.  Of course, as citizen journalists, if you hear of anything, similarly post it here.

It appears that things are coming to a head at the oak grove.  Keep it locked here for all the action.  We got people watching the feed and people at the location sending reports back in.


We interrupt the regularly scheduled open thread on Aaron Rodgers for this following announcement.  It (might be) Going Down!  No, not the trees (that was Friday) and not WSU (that was Saturday).  I have received word from Goldblooded and TheNick that the extraction has begun.  I am sure they will bring back great stories and photos, but we are all citizen journalists here.  We can't depend on the Carolyn Joneses of the world to give us a fair run down of the extraction.  So, if you can make it out for this once in a life time (hopefully!) event, you better hightail.  It could be over by now, who knows?  GO BEARS!

Edit:  Just heard from Goldblooded and TheNick again.  Goldblooded said he saw another cherry picker making its way towards the grove.  TheNick said that the cherry pickers were cleaning up branches (ostensibly to help the extraction), but have stopped that process for now.  There is a bit of a lull in the action, he tells me.  KRON4 didn't seem to report that the extraction was taking place.  So, we are getting conflicting reports here.  Perhaps they are waiting for this new cherry picker to make it.  We shall see, I guess.

Edit2:  TheNick and GoldBlooded tell me that a fire truck and more cops came, but it's unclear now where they are.  Both have left for now, so if anything does happen, it might be late night.  Boo to false alarms!  Yay to extraction!