Trees Are Still Down

Not much happened, but here's the photos of the morning.  All of them are posted on my photo gallery, DOTPicture


You can see the much-needed mulch in the foreground.

The media was out in full force:


Eric Eisenberg was handing out a paper to all of them with some kind of a "proposal" to the University.  It involved creating a "land use committee" composed of students, community members, and at least one Native American.  They also want the stump of the "200-year old oak named grandmother" so they can make drums out of it and use it in other ways.  They also asked for a donation of 3 million to a charity.  I think that was it.

Earth Flag guy was there:


and got into a little argument with the police because he crossed the street (that's a no-no today):


Eric Eisenberg was apparently under so much stress that he needed a massage:


What may not be apparent is that he is wearing the same shirt as on Friday, except now it has a huge tear down one sleeve.

A few more:




I'll also include the rest of the morning's story, posted as a comment in the DBD thread:

I was there with GoldBlooded.

It was both of us who were theorizing about the nets (or perhaps a huge bouncy-castle? that would be awesome!) underneath the tree. The heavy equipment seems to be flattening the area all around the last remaining redwood with the sitters in it. There were lots of media, but not too many ground protesters. The "F**KING RAPISTS" guy came back at one point. More people seemed to show up over time, but so far it hasn’t been as crazy as Friday or even the small scuffle yesterday.

We got into a "debate" with two protesters, one of whom was a "grandmother". The other one has been in lots of my pictures—older lady with dreads.

If you’ve ever argued with me, you know it’s not a fun experience. And that’s usually when I like you. I talked to one or two people on Friday, but this was the first time that I had ever even really tried to seriously discuss anything with any of them. I feel like I was pretty successful in getting both of them to concede a lot of points before they just decided I wasn’t worth debating with any more.

They wanted to generalize the argument. They wanted to talk about "larger patterns". They wanted to change topics. They tried to use circumstantial evidence. They used, essentially, "arguments of faith" on several occasions.

I wanted citations for their written paraphernalia, I wanted to know where they were getting their information for the things that they said. I felt like this was the first time they had talked to someone who wouldn’t let them do these things. They were very nice for the most part, though, and complimented both me and GoldBlooded (who had to leave before I did) on our knowledge of the subject and the fact that we could actually hold a discussion with them, even if they were going to totally lose.

On my way back to my car, I overheard one of them talking about me to another grandmother. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but it didn’t seem good.

I’ve already been getting the evil eye from most of the people there. A lot of them just seem to ignore me. Matthew Taylor tried to get my contact info so he could bug me for pictures for his "book". I instead got his contact info and refused to give him mine. I heard him later talking to a journalist, calling his "work" "participatory journalism".

He was, at one point, talking on a cell phone to the people in the tree. I couldn’t hear everything, but he was definitely trying to convince them to doing something that would be great for his "project". It seemed to be to stay up there as long as they can, and actively resist the attempts to remove them, but I can’t be sure.

I also heard Eric Eisenberg telling them to have one guy lower himself down and distract the police while the rest of them flee…. Great moral code there.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many photo opportunities. I was there for several hours and nothing really happened while I was there. I will post a few.

The grandmothers are theoretically going to try at 5PM to deliver food and water, which the University has already said they will not allow. I may go back up then.

Update From Evening:

They tried to get the food across to the police, but were refused:


Zachary Runningwolf showed up:


Athletes and athletic department staff took pictures:


The person who hexed GoldBlooded on Friday, and who severely lost her argument with me earlier in the day tried in vain to convince more people, including a lacrosse player:


Apparently she also followed a friend of mine home one night, trying to convince them to believe what she believes. Creeeepy!

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