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Aaron Rodgers Open Thread


"Aaron Rodgers, do ya thang baby, but get yo hand off my grip."  via

I moved the Extraction thread down, because it looks like it MIGHT be a false start for now.  Feel free to comment on the Raiders game here. If we hear anything about the Extraction, we'll post about it.  Hope you guys will too!

Nobody has ever described our upcoming live blog of Aaron Rodger's start tonight against the Minnesota Vikings better than Snoop Dogg (in Packers colors above) in his song "You Thought" when he said:

That's right, that's right
Do yo' thang baby, do yo' thang huh
Ah ha ha, yeah... And it don't quit
but bitch please get yo' hand off my grip
Now that's right... and it don't stop right here on CGB
Nothin' but a come up - the real Mackadosious, the real McCoy
That's right, DJ TwistNHook
This one is strictly for the pimps, players, true money makers
Nothin' but a players ball right here on CGB
Pimp fun without any sun, that's right we doin' it live
With Ragnarok, Yellow Fever, CBKWit and my main man HydroTech

Finally, Aaron gets a chance to do his thing.  And we're gonna be partying tonight here.  So, join us in the comments to enjoy what will hopefully be a successful start for Aaron Rodgers, former Cal QB extraordinaire!  There have been successful weekends from other Cal alums like Fujita, Lynch (!), and Jackson.  Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers can continue the awesomeness.  Game time is 4 PM PST.  GO BEARS!