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Let's Go Maryland!



We got the Aaron Rodgers Liveblog coming up in a few hours.  But for now, let's focus on our more Travel Channel oriented blogging aspects.

For those of you who are heading to Maryland for the game this week, you should read this.  A friend of mine who attends Maryland wrote up a quick rundown of places of entertainment and alcohol in the local area.  Enjoy!

College Park is notorious for its bars. When you drive down route 1 to get to campus, you see 4 things: Frat Row, sports memorobilia (sorry if i spelled that wrong), liquor stores, and bars. In terms of the bars:
1. Bentleys- Football players hang out here the most, and so do ALL the girls who are trying to get with them.
2. Thirsty Turtle: HUGEEE bar. Has a dance floor upstairs. Pretty fun, usually crowded.
3. Cornerstone: More of a sitdown bar. Dancing sometimes, pool tables upstairs.
4. Sante Fe: Live music performances all the time

To buy sports gear go to:
1. The Maryland Book Exchange (on route 1)
2. UM Book Center (in the union on the middle of campus)

For breakfast, everyone MUST eat at the Bagel Place. Not only is it tradition, its DELICIOUS.

If you want to venture outside of College Park (which I highly suggest you do)
1. Baltimore Inner Harbor- pretty fun, good shopping, aquarium, ESPN Zone, etc.
2. DC- (not the tourist crap): Go to Georgetown for shopping. It´s right by the Potomac River and they have pretty stores. For night time adventures, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle (more toward the gay crowd...) and Georgetown have the best bars and a few clubs are:
1. Ibiza
2. Ultrabar (if you go with me, you don't have to pay :) )
3. Love (very ghetto, but they have some good performers)
4. Fur- I hate it because I have had 3 bad experiences there, but a lot of people like it.


So, there you go.  I tried to find links for these places when I could.  If you are attending the game, feel free to snap photos, get stories and put up FanPosts.  We are all citizen journalists here.