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Reveling in Victory

The second in (hopefully) a 13 part series, this is a quick summary of a few keys to the game.



Honestly, I started drinking and shouting a lot after we went up 28-3.  I'm usually so tense during games that it was nice to let loose and have a fun, relaxing time.  And because I'm several beers into the day, I asked for a little help from the other people on RemorsefulBruinBabe's couch.


2) Riley looks a bit shaky.  He missed on a couple of long passes, and though that long TD was awesome (as a defense, how can you let a QB run for a 28 yard TD on a broken play?), he clearly wasn't on the same page as his running backs.  He didn't throw any picks, but he did give up a fumble in WSU territory.  We'll likely need a better performance next week in Maryland and we'll definitely need a better showing against ASU.

BREAKING NEWS:  Zoonews informs me that Maryland lost by Middle Tennessee State.  Ok, we probably don't need Riley to be at his absolute best to win next week.

zoonews: YES LOLZ LOLZ

OskiWeeWee <girl>: Riley is my fake boyfriend, how dare you say he's shaky. Or wait, is that a good thing?

3) Punt problems

Anger either suddenly sucks or is bothered by the sprained knee he suffered last week.  After seeing him punt this spring, I'm guessing it's the latter.

On the return side, Sean Young seems unsure of when to call a fair catch and when to attempt a return.  He's been tackled immediately a couple of times and fumbled another.  SydBONER looked much more natural than Young this spring, but he's still battling a sore shoulder, and Tedford might not want to risk further injury to such a valuable player.  I hope Young gets his act together or Cal starts experimenting with someone else, like Vereen

4) Boateng & Nasty Nate

The Boateng/Nasty Nate connection was in fine form.  It was good to see Boateng make a few plays, as we need productive receivers in addition to Sean Young.  And hate him or tolerate him, Nasty Nate had a good game, and it's good to have a capable back-up.

RemorsefulBruinBabe:  Now, you all know I don't know much about football, but being up by 56 with 7:21 left in the game is a good thing, right?  Oh wait.  We scored again.  The score is now 66-3.  With 6:14 to go.  Yeah...watching the game at my house was totally a good idea.  With all the problems CBKWit mentioned, and that I assume to be true, I (and my onion dip) take full credit for the Bears' success today.

OskeWeeWee: So... seriously, XX-X?  Are we watching Cal Football or am I watching my serious dream team? Insane. RemorsefulBruinBabe hosted a serious party.  Wow. Go Bears

Troatie: The worst lost in WSU history??  I feel a little sad.  I mean if only the Bears won by less than 59 points.  Oh by the way, Brock Mansion is an awesome name.  It reminds me of a very rich person, like Richie Rich or Bruce Wayne or something.  Maybe Mansion is Batman.  But if that is true, who's Robin?  And is it just me or does Tedford seem always angry.  As CBKWit pointed out to me, he never smiles...but he looks particularly angry.  Go Bears

zoonews: COUGWEEK69 HAPPY ENDING!!!!!!!


(Back to CBKWit)  Between a 66-3 massacre in one of the traditionally toughest places to play in the Pac-10 and, after 20 months, the removal of the oak trees (FAP FAP FAP), this could be one of the best weekends in recent program history.  People that are less drunk, what do you think?