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YouTube Thursday: These Cougar Videos Are Nowhere Near As Hot As You Might Think

Yes, I know. You want more cougar jokes. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Demi Moore and Britney Spears. hardy har har. But that joke is SO yesterday. Football is coming up. So, forget about hot older women (easier said than done) and let's focus on some football.

Firstly, there's a video on Cal-WSU 05, which Cal will not allow me to embed. Lame!

Here is a video of highlights of WSU 2007 football. It is more than 0 seconds long. Shocking!

Yknow, they have a lot of "2006 WSU Highlights." "2007 WSU Highlights." But very few actual game and/or play highlights. Probably because ther aren't many good games worth of highlights. Gotta put em all together into 1 year long highlight to get enough plays. Ai!

Here is new coach Paul Wulff getting introduced.

Here, he addresses the media about the new QB:

Here is some info on the coaching search:

Here is more info on Rogers:

Before you get cocky, let's not forget that WSU has been to the Rose Bowl in the last 50 years. Something Cal hasn't done:

Hey Coug Fans!

Keith Jackson narrates yet ANOTHER WSU highlight film:

Look, I've written a lot about this song or that musician. I've written about things that I like and things that I have become obsessed with in the short term. Yet, somehow the true pinnacle of my obsession has remained hidden: Charles Mingus.

I could write a dissertation on the enigma that is Charles Mingus. Instead, I'll just save your employer's valuable time and post the first of what will most likely be innumerable videos: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. Written for the incomparable Lester Young, this song epitomizes "laid-back."

There were several different versions I considered available to me on YouTube. None were perfect, but this one, from a Charles Mingus Tribute Band (Mingus Big Band) is musically the closest to the version I like. Unfortunately, there is no video. Oh well. This one has a long sax solo intro that can drag a bit at times, but once it gets going, well, it gets going. Skip to about 2:40, if you want to avoid the intro all together. Not that I'm saying it's bad, but the song really picks up at that point.