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Questions And (AND!) Answers With CougCenter


It's CougCenter Week ALL WEEK LONG HERE at the California Golden Blogs.  If you want to learn about Cougars or Centers, you need look no further than CougCenter.  They have everything you'd ever need to know.  So, it made little sense when we contacted Roll Bama Roll to discuss the Cal-WSU game.  Their answers, along with CougCenter's answers to our burning questions, after the fold.  BTW, our answers might burn less if we used Valtrex.

CGB Question #1:  "What should Cal fans expect when the Cougars are on the field?"

RollBamaRoll Answer:  Why are you asking us this?  I don't care.  We just destroyed Clemson.  Yes, Clemson.  They were supposed to be good this year.  

CougCenter Answer: Expect a higher-tempo offense than last year's WSU team - the no huddle ensures that. But it's not a spread offense, which is what many media outlets accidentally call it. Wulff likes to run, as he did about 58% of the time against OK State, even though the Cowboys' weakness was supposed to be the pass defense. This offense, sadly, may not be as explosive as it used to be. Last Saturday was arguably the worst offensive performance in years for the Cougs, and they were held under 100 yards passing despite having a receiver (Brandon Gibson) who eclipsed that mark by himself on numerous occasions last year.


CGB Question #2:  "What did you learn in the first game that you think will help WSU against Cal?"

RollBamaRoll Answer:  Seriously, though.  Don't you have other things to do than harass us with these questions?  Isn't it like 9 AM over there?  Do you work?  Shouldn't you be doing, like, work stuff?  And who is this The Maharg guy you speak so highly of?

CougCenter Answer:  Catch the ball. Drops by Brandon Gibson and true freshman Jared Karstetter cost the Cougs points and momentum last week. First-game jitters are no longer an excuse for WSU - they need to come out and play with some confidence, especially on offense. Hopefully Wulff will try to spread the field a little more than he did last weekend. Be glad 400m hurdle star slash wide receiver Jeshua Anderson is hurt - we could definitely use his speed in this one.


CGB Question #3: "What does Wulff bring to the team that Doba didn't?"

RollBamaRoll Answer:  Who are these Wulff and Doba people and why should I care about Star Wars characters?  THIS IS FOOTBALL, MAN!  Give me football names like Shula and Saban.  None of this Dobafett bullshit!

CougCenter Answer: Wulff brings a new attitude. Doba was a great guy, and for the most part we liked him, but he had an "aw, shucks" attitude to all the losing. He had bad luck; whenever Doba rolled the dice with a fourth down attempt or fake punt he almost always lost. But he also failed to learn from his mistakes, as evidenced by the 278 awful squib kicks he called for in the last two seasons.

Wulff brings us hope. A new-school offense reliant on speed and communication. A change in coaching staff and philosophy. Hopefully, the end of an anemic red zone offense and running game (minus the Jerome Harrison years). Maybe Wulff will actually care about special teams, and recruiting a decent punter or kicker for the future. Regardless, we're excited - he's a Cougar alumnus, a successful FCS coach and a tireless worker. It will take time, but I believe we're headed in the right direction.


"Roll.........Tide?" via

CGB Question #4: "What is WSU's plan for stopping Jahvid Best?"

RollBamaRoll Answer:  Who is Jahvid Best?  Is that one of your West Coast football players?  We'd stop him with ESS EEE SEE SPEEEEEEEEEEEED.  Do you guys even play football out there?  Come back and talk to us when you can win a Holiday Bowl.

CougCenter Answer: I may forward this question to Paul Wulff. What can we do? It's going to take a team approach, starting with the D-Line. Kevin Kooyman and A'i Ahmu need huge days, and Greg Trent has to make sure everything that gets past the line doesn't get much farther. Expect a 4-3 setup, with some possible alterations on second or third and long. WSU did a surprisingly decent job against one of the best rushing offenses from 2007 last weekend. Maybe there's hope.


CGB Question #5: "Are there any last things you'd like to tell Cal fans about the upcoming Cal-WSU game?"

RollBamaRoll Answer:  Hey, aren't you the guy living in the bushes outside my house are you?  Have you been rooting through my stuff?  GET OUT OF HERE!  AND GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE'S BRA!

CougCenter Answer: Don't be shocked if it's close - especially in the first half. The Cougs don't believe they are the worst team in the conference, and they will try to play like it. Also, you should hope Tedford keeps the pass coverage centered on Brandon Gibson. I don't think he'll have the dropsies this week.

By the way, your new uniforms rock. This is partly why I'm excited to see WSU become a Nike school next year. Ditching those Broncos knockoffs would've been enough, but they did a great job with the new look.


"There's no logical reason for this photo to be here.  But that hasn't stopped me before."  via

CGB Question #6: (Ed Note: 100% Hydro sent this question to them) Which Cal QB gives WSU the best chance to win?  Why do you think so? 

RollBamaRoll Answer: Obviously, Longshore.  Longshore has lost the confidence in himself and his abilities.  His play suffered over the latter half of Cal's season last year and started off poorly this year.  Moreover, I have no idea how I know this.  I just do.  Don't question it.  

CougCenter Answer: Longshore. I don't understand it, either. A month ago I would've said Riley was the weaker QB. Nate has all the physical tools, but can't seem to put things together on the field. I was impressed with Kevin Riley last Saturday. Sure, he only threw for 202 yards, but he was 17 out of 24 and didn't make the big mistake that could've cost the Bears the game. With Best rolling along, Cal simply needs a QB that hands the ball off and avoids a key error. At least in this one.


CGB Question #7: How much do you guys expect to lose by?

RollBamaRoll Answer: I have no idea why I took the time to write genuine responses to all your questions about a football game between two teams I don't care about happening thousands of miles away from my home state.  You owe me, California Golden Blogs.  You owe me.  Big.

CougCenter Answer: Umm... let's go with negative 7.


A big CGB thanks not only to the RollBamaRoll that exists in my mind, but also the CougCenter that gives us so much joy this delightful week.  Roll Oski Roll!