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YouTube Thursday: They have a cannon, too????

I did not know that.  Apparently, Cal is not the only football team with its own cannon.  Cannon technology is such now that it can easily spread to other schools.  We all knew this day was coming.  Makes me feel a little less special.  But knowing that we were the first school to have a cannon (except for JollyRogerTech, I guess) does stem the pain.

All just stealing our ideas.  Next up, these other schools will have nonsensical blogs, just like Cal does!

And if you ever wanted to know how to fire a cannon, here you go:

Ever feel unmotivated when about to take the field for your beloved CSU Rams?  Well, then watch this:


Two different sets of highlights from last years CSU game:

Here's Rams QB Billy Farris throwing a TD to WR Dion Morton:

And another solid catch by Morton:

Morton is a good WR, but Rashaun Greer might be better:

But they don't lack talent at RB, either.  They got Gartrell Johnson III:

And Kyle Bell:

Here's some highlight videos of a games this year for CSU against Houston:

That is a good overview of what CSU is doing this year.  And a great perspective regarding what video camera and cannon technology is available in Colorado.