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Colorado State Question And Answer



Well, SBN does not have a CSU representative.  So, we had to go outside the family.  We had to go to the Mountain West Conference Connection.  Nothing wrong with getting some fresh blood in here, right?  I was tired of talking with all those Addicted To Quacks, Conquest Chronicles, and Hound Dog LPGA.  Enough with all the Michelle Wie for Heisman talk, people!  You know she's getting paid to play, right?  Right?  I guess to the USC fans that's par for the course, but that just seems wrong to us Cal fans.

Anyway, after the jump, learn more about the Colorado State Rams thanks to Jeremy from the MWC Blog!

1.  What has CSU learned from its first 3 games that should affect its gameplan against Cal?

The Rams seem to be more comfortable with new quarterback Billy Farris and have the playbook opened up and increase the downfield passing game.  Also, the Rams defense needs to be able to make a stop on defense and that can be tough against Cal who so far this year has shown they have an effective offense.  The Rams will need to apply pressure early to knock Cal off of their offensive comfort.

2.  What is the #1 player on offense for CSU that Cal fans should be worried about?

This guy will be mentioned a lot below and Gatrell Johnson III who is the teams starting running back who is a strong downfield running.  Johnson has averaged over 4 yards per carry this year and is a tough back to bring down.

3.  Cal and Colorado State met last year - is there any reason to believe the result this year is going to be any different?  Are there any significant differences in the scheme or philosophy this year that we should be aware of?

Last years game was much closer then the score indicated (Ed Note:  Did he mean not as close?), and when TE Kory Sperry went down there was little hope for the Rams.  This year the Rams will be using more of a running game to set up the pass.  The Rams have two good backs in Kyle Bell and Gatrell Johnson III who are both essentially a number one back.  With a new quarterback with Billy Farris only did the coaches open up the passing game last week for the first time all year.  Colorado State will use a heavy dose of the running game early to set up the pass in hopes for some big plays.

4.  How much do you expect to win by?

I do not expect Colorado State to win they have only averaged one road win per year for the last three, when playing on the road.  If the Rams can have a good running attack with Kyle Bell and Gatrell Johnson III and committ less turnovers then Cal then the game could be close, but I see Cal winning by about two touchdowns

5.  Despite his great success at Colorado State, it was clearly time for Sonny Lubick to step down as the Rams' head coach.  Although it's completely unfair to judge a head coach after just 3 games, are there any indications as to whether Steve Fairchild is the right guy to take over this program moving forward?

Coach Fairchild was at Colorado State during most of the success with Sonny Lubbick, so he knows what it takes to win in Fort Collins.  He was with the program from 1993-2000 as the quarterbacks coach and then offensive coordinator and during that time he was part of five bowl games.

6.  Since you're a Mountain West blogger, I must say, we've got some serious conference envy goin' on right now.  The Mountain West has an 18-6 non-conference record so far this year, including 3 undefeated teams in the top 25.  Can you see any way the conference champion doesn't earn a BCS bid?  Moreover, can the conference sustain this excellence and regularly challenge for a BCS bid in the future?

I feel that the league champion most likely will not need to go undefeated, a one loss team would be good enough; just look at the ACC and Big East this year -- their conference champion will not be that good.  The conference champ may not get in if, for one, the champ has two loses -- while a stretch, this is a possibility with the depth of the league.  The real question you are asking is if a one loss team can get in, I think it can be done but that would mean Utah and BYU could not be undefeated going into the last game because if they both are, then the winner would get the nod.  If the conference champ is either BYU, TCU, or Utah and they have one loss then they will be ranked high enough to get in to the BCS.


Thank you very much to Jeremy over at Mountain West Conference Connection.  Go Bears!