Thought Experiment: When Should Nate Have Been Put In The Game?

I know we're sick of Longshore questions, but it seems to be the popular topic around these parts, so let's shift the focus to the coaching said decisions.

Most of the discussion has centered around Longshore's performance or whether he should've been benched after the first pick. We haven't discussed much whether Coach Tedford made the proper decision even sending Nate Longshore in with a 10-0 lead early in the 2nd quarter. We did know both of them would see playing time, but I can think some of you might've been surprised to see Nate in that early.

If you were in Coach Tedford's shoes, knowing what you did coming into the game, would you have handled the situation differently? Would you have done exactly as he did, or would you have pulled him after the first interception? Would you have put him in the game in a different situation? Would you have put him in at all?

Keep in mind Riley's stats up to this time were a quite unspectacular 5-7 for 26 yards passing, and that you don't know the outcome of Longshore going into the game would be two picks. Also keep in mind that the quarterback competition was supposed to extend into this game, and whether the circumstances were acceptable for you.

(Note: This'll be my last Q&A poll on Nate/Kevin this week, I think we're close to the saturation point)

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