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YouTube Thursday - Football Review Session

A lot of football has taken place, much of it involving Cal football players.  Now, if you are anything like me, instead of getting to watch many of those great DeSean or Rodgers moments, you have to watch Gossip Girl or Greek.  That sounds a lot worse than it really is.  That Spitter is such a complex character!

So, we thought we should have a Review Session for those who need to catch up on Cal football and alums.  Luckily, resident The Legend That Is Danzing, Danzig has been compiling videos to date, making this task easier.  Here is his YouTube account.  And here are some of his finest videos of Fall 2008. 

Let's start with some Best and Vereen against WSU highlights:


And the extent of the WSU highlights:

But wait, you wanna see some DeSean in the pros?  Here he is versus the Rams:

But there isn't just football going on this fall.  Catch up on this:

Ok, but there still was football.  Let's get back to some Vereen, Best action against MSU:

And, of course, Best's instant classic:

And some hot Aaron Rodgers action.  Yes, Seth.  He exists:

This isn't new by any stretch of the imagination, but I just noticed he had video up of Jahvid Best in high school.  Good stuff:

And, who could forget this one:

Hope that review session was good.  When I was at Cal, I made sure to attend as many review sessions as possible, because the GSIs always gave you essentially the answers to the test.  So, let's cram.  Let's cram all night long!  Go Bears!