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Yellow Fever:  I wish I was as popular as Sarah Palin's glasses.

Paul OKC: What do you think of the Sooners this year?

Yellow Fever: I'm just excited that the Sooners defense was on the waiver wire in our College Fantasy Football League.  How was the Oklahoma defense undrafted, while I ended up getting stuck with Western Kentucky and Missouri?  Who do they have running this thing?

eric (atlanta,ga): do you see any top tier sec team ever scheduling a nonconference game anywhere near the midwest/northeast anytime soon. if the conference is always that great, they should have no reservations about traveling.

Yellow Fever: No, and it's a load of crap.  I'm going to stand by my previous analogy that if a conference wants to go around and beat its chest about how great it is, it'd be nice if they could go out and prove it every now and then.  Tennessee goes out and tries, gets upset by a third-string JUCO transfer, and it gets swept under the rug.  Alabama beats a perennially underachieving Clemson team and it's a sign of the SEC's dominance.  Right.

George (Fresno,CA): Who do you think will win the Wisconsin @ Fresno State game?

Yellow Fever: Wisconsin.  Fresno State looked good beating laying the beat down on Rutgers, but that same Rutgers team gets crushed by North Carolina by an even wider margin, maybe that win wasn't impressive to begin with.

Trick from Colorado Spring: Fever, I am a college student out in Colorado, but since before I could walk I dreamed about wearing a gold helmet at the University of Notre Dame. My entire family has gone there and consequently I will defend them to the grave. I watched the game last weekend against San Diego State after already knowing the outcome, and think I was able to thoroughly watch the game without the nerves that all the other fans were feeling. Now my question to you is, "Are we really that bad? Or was Charlie Wies in a no win situation from the start of that game?" The way i feel about it is if UND did blow out SDSU, everyone would just being writting about how they did what they should have done SDSU lost to Cal POly the week before. Instead, they battle through 4 tournovers (2 of which would have easily turned into some form of points if not touchdowns), a muffed field goal, and one miscoverage by a SO LB which lead to a touchdown. I told my dad who is a 1975 grad that the team is still young. Not a type of young like last year when we couldn't read defenses, tackle, or catch a shotgun snap. But a type of young that struggles to finish. Not neccessarily finish games, but just to finish plays and drives. Please tell me if UND and Charlie are going to be ok, or do I just need to stop being as biased as Lou?

Yellow Fever: I really love how Lou Holtz has been walking around saying that Notre Dame would win 11 games this season because of its easy schedule.  Hey, you know who else has an easy schedule?  The entire ACC.

And I haven't seen anything out of Charlie Weis that would indicate that he knows what the hell he's doing.  Last year's job at Notre Dame was straight out of the 2001 Holmoe handbook, except he actually had blue-chip recruits while Holmoe had Scott Fujita, Kyle Boller, and good old LaShaun "Hands of Stone" Ward.  Weis rode Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzija - players recruited by and initially taught by Tyrone Willingham - into a BCS beat down, and hasn't come close since.  You know, with players from high school whom he had to develop himself.

You just need to stop being as biased as Lou.

john, north carolina: Is East Carolina for real?

Yellow Fever: In deciding whether East Carolina is for real, I think the question is actually whether Virginia Tech and West Virginia are for real.  And until we find out otherwise (I mean, a team with Pat White can't be THAT awful...can it?) I'm going to say they are.

STEVE, COLUMBIA: Can SC upset Georgia?

Yellow Fever: Anytime you have a bunch of Cocks taking on some Dawgs with a Smelley leader, you've got a chance.

Joel (Gators): Fever, Tell me the proper way to finish off a game that we are leading by 20 and less than 2 minutes to go? I hear all of the Miami fans complaining, but I don't understand why. Thanks.

Yellow Fever: You make like a no-class loser and run the ball.  Duh.

Josh (Canton Ga): Will THE Ohio state university have a chance to win against USC on sat? Seeing that the majority of america and media are going against them considering the last two national championship games.

Yellow Fever: I'm not one of those guys who says that the Big Ten is overrated or that they're a slow conference, but I am going to say that a team that struggled to beat the University of Ohio probably doesn't have much of a chance at the Coliseum.  Call me crazy.

Gary , Birmingham AL: Can you put in a good word that ESPN Gameday should be in Auburn on September 20th for the show down between Auburn and LSU. This matchup, in theory, should pit two top ten teams against each other. There is no other matchup on the slate with that kind of marquee match-up

Yellow Fever: Right.  Because I'm sure you're the only person in the entire world who's taken a look at the schedule for that date, thanks for the heads up.

Walter (PA): Fever, do you buy into all of this JoePa doesn't have control of his team stuff? What do they expect, for him to be on top of them 24-7? I feel one of the biggest reasons why JoePa hasn't had to deal with much of this in the past is because he was able to privately deal with the stupidity of these kids. Ridiculing a star athlete, bumping him down to 3rd string or the scout team and forcing him to regain the respect of his teammates and coaching staff is far more helpful for the development of their characters than it is to have them suspended indefinitely from the team, sitting in their rooms and scheming up more ways to get in trouble. You've been around this game for a while, what do you think?

Yellow Fever: I don't think it's any worse than what goes on at any other school, SEC schools in particular.  I don't think it's reasonable to expect any coach to be on top of his players 24/7, since it seems to be standard now at every top-tier school.  You know, like a certain school down south.

Hey, you know where this kind of thing doesn't happen?  Berkeley!  We even got rid of our hippie infestation too.

Andrew (Searcy, AR): Fever, Has anyone mentioned or sugested that the Ark-Texas game might be postponed due to the hurricane? Can the Hogs win?

Yellow Fever: Yes.  No.

Chad (New York): Fever, will The Senator open-up the playbook against SC on Sat? Could we see Pryor and Boeckman on the field at the same time?

Yellow Fever: Is that seriously Tressel's nickname?  No wonder I find him so boring.

Cosmo (Anytown, USA): Did you see that a broad's hockey team lost 80-something to zero the other day? Kind of like the Big Ten's non-conference schedule, huh?

Yellow Fever: So now we're cracking on the Big Ten's non-conference schedule?  Are you #$)(@#ing kidding me?

kevin (Darien, CT): who is your national championship prediction?

Yellow Fever: California over East Carolina.

Amy: Bird City, Kansas: Fever: I see the Kansas/South Florida game as a contest between 2 teams both of which are going somewhere. Do you agree? What's your prediction?

Yellow Fever: I see someone trying too hard to sound intelligent.

Kip (Spanish Fork, Utah): Fever, what is your take on BYU? Can they be a BCS buster this year?

Yellow Fever: If I had to pick one non-BCS team to make it to a BCS game, I think I'd pick East Carolina.  I think anyone else would as well.  It's just hard for me to imagine a team that was thisclose to being upset by Tyrone Willingham as a major player.

John (Los Angeles): Fever, can Colt McCoy make a run at the Heisman?

Yellow Fever: Only if he lights up my Oklahoma defense.

Jennifer (Omaha): After two games, what is your opinion of the Bo Pelini coached Huskers?

Yellow Fever: At least they no longer resemble the dumbest team in America.

Blair - Chicago: Fever...As much as it pains me to say this, I think we ND alums need to face facts. Charlie Weis is just not a good football coach, yet we panicked and signed him to a massive long-term contract.

Yellow Fever: I hesitate to say that he's not a good coach, but I think it's pretty clear that he's awful at everything else that goes into being a coach besides calling the plays on Saturdays.  Shouldn't a guy who's been around as long as he has have an offensive line that can block better than my dog?

Mark (Dallas TX): Does Michigan's bowl streak come to end this season?

Yellow Fever: With the number of bowl games these days, it's pretty damn difficult not to make a bowl game.  Not that our Bears didn't make a spirited run at it last year!

Larry: Durham, NC: It has been 4 years for Weis, the normal Notre Dame firing period. Is there a chance they will extend their streak and can the guy?

Yellow Fever: Not this year.  But that's not to say that they shouldn't.

Grayson (Tampa): Can Clemson right the ship and play/win in the BCS?

Yellow Fever: I don't get why people would have any reason to think that Clemson can still win the ACC.  Usually the Crimson Tide win a few games before letting anyone down.  This year they went straight to the letdown, and it's like people don't even remember that they lost to Alabama.  Which they went out and backed into a win over Tulane.  Let's get some consistency here, people!

Cody (clarksville, IN): How much will Oregon beat Purdue by?

Yellow Fever: 47.

Mike (NYC): Fever - did you watch FLA vs. Miami and if so, do you agree that the Canes and Randy Shannon will be back in the NC picture by 2010?

Yellow Fever: Not until Robert Mavre shows me that he's more Ken Dorsey than Brock Berlin.  I do like that defense, though.

Smites (Woodhaven MI): Nebraska, Michigan, FSU, Miami, or ND, all of which have declined in "stock" who is the first to be back on top of the college football mountain?

Yellow Fever: Michigan.  I trust in Rich Rod's track record.  As a matter of fact, this is exactly what I texted to my Mountaineer buddy as West Virginia was losing to East Carolina:


Steve(Tulsa): Any suggestions on where to eat in Seattle before the OU/Wash game?

Yellow Fever: The Space Needle?  Is there a restaurant there?  If not, can you just eat the Space Needle itself?

Jim ( East Lansing): Fever who has the brighter future Michigan or Michigan state?

Yellow Fever: I <3 COACH ROD

Donald D (Eugene, OR): Have you ever been flagged for excessive celebration?

Yellow Fever: I have woken up my dog in the middle of the night when watching Cal games.

Steve(Tulsa): Any comment on the Pac-10 officiating?

Yellow Fever: I'm one of those guys that believes that rules are there for a reason.  If he broke the rule, the penalty should have been called.  That said, if the enforcement of that rule is a judgment call, then that judgment shouldn't have been made.  How's that for covering my ass?

German (San Juan, PR): Fever, was Meyer's approach at the end of the Miami game that much different than Pete Carroll's when he ran up the score against Va.? I blame voters for these classless displays. They very impressionable -- moving both USC and Florida up in the polls after they decided to embarass their opponents. They also punished Georgia for taking out its starters when they were up 38-0 against Ga. Southern in a game that they dominated at least as much as USC did Va.

Yellow Fever: I blame crappy defenses.  Bill Belichick said last year that he ran up the score because it was his offense's job to go out and try to score points every time they took the field.  It's not their job to go out and kneel on the ball and let the game be over.  Hey, if the defense is willing to not play, maybe the offenses will too.  "Sportsmanship" shouldn't be used as an excuse for sucking.

John (Jax,FL.): Fever, Why no talk about Ole Miss? I think they might end up being pretty good this year. What do you think?

Yellow Fever: Because no one cares.  But MAN do they have a lot of churches.

Mike (Sacramento): Can anyone please acknowledge that despite the horrible celebration penalty the fact remains UW got the 34 yard kick blocked. And the penetration was so drastic the distance did not make a difference. I think the UW special teams are getting looked over in theri responsibility in all this. Any thoughts?

Yellow Fever: Amen, brother.

Matt Los Angeles, Ca: USC did not intent to run up the score, The back ups scored the additional touchdowns you refer to. They should be allowed to play. And Goeorgia played a division II school so their performance got downgraded in the polls. Do you agree with this Fever?

Yellow Fever: Yes.

Wallace (Bristol TN): Is there any light at the tunnel for my beloved Vols? Will it take a change at head coach to improve the obvious drought we've been in for years?

Yellow Fever: Nowhere in life is there a more bizarre sense of entitlement than there is in SEC fans.  It's amazing.

Yellow Fever: Thanks for joining us this week.  Maybe next time I won't be writing this while sitting in an airport lounge waiting for my delayed flight.