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Cal v. Maryland 9.13.08 First Quarter Thread


"RAWR!" via

Well, grab that cup of coffee and park yourself in front of a TV.  The game starts extra early this morning.  Praise Be To Tedford this isn't a home game.  We'd be tailgating at 5 in the morning.  Here is some more information on these Trutle Tarpers and their football team.   We'll be posting up these threads at the second, third, and fourth quarters to keep everything fresh and clean.  That way we don't get that unfresh feeling in the game threads.

Since the game is on ESPN, it shouldn't be as difficult to find as last week.  But Avinash has this to say about watching the game online:

This is not as big a problem as last week, but people overseas will still have problems. Click here for a possible solution.

You'll need to download Sopcast, but hopefully it should work. Look for the Cal-Maryland game on that link and click on the feed link, it should upload Sopcast automatically and you'll be clear sailing. If the feed works (pray).

If anyone has any additional feeds post them here so Cal fans abroad can watch their Golden Bears!

It has been TOO long since we got to watch some Cal football.  What has it been like 6 days?  I can't handle that!  Never leave me again, Kevin!  Enjoy the game.  GO BEARS!