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Fantasy Week in Review - Week 2

It was a glorious week for yours truly, what with the utter domination displayed by both our Bears, the Eagles, and my favorite Bear turned Eagle.

But that was all just child's play compared to the dominance displayed by my favorite dead Ringer:


Yeah, some other team scored more than mine did, but they didn't beat the all-powerful Kevin Riley and the Jet.  So Get the Lawnmower!

(Bonus if you have any idea where I got my team name from.)


Things weren't quite as rosy in the Pick'Em league, though your hero is still in first.


Hubris: 1.  Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance  2.  Yellow Fever

Anyway, last week was not the best of weeks.  Incidentally, lots of people who signed up last week after seeing last week's post didn't even make their picks for last week.  So what the hell are you people waiting for?