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No Longer Climbing Trees Nor Punching Hippies

The trees are down!  The hippies have been arrested/dispersed!  The construction can begin!

I am excited and relieved that this unendingly stupid saga has come to a "safe and certain conclusion".  As much animosity as we may have had for the hippies in the trees, it is time to move on, to move forward.  It is time this site had a new tagline.

Two days after this site launched on Blogsome in 2006, the first hippies climbed the trees outside Memorial Stadium.  Our tagline, "Climbing Trees and Punching Hippies since 2006", reflected this.  However, it is now readily apparent that that sentiment is sooooo yesterday.  Old fashioned.  In need of an update.  Gone the way of slap bracelets, parachute pants, and TwistNHook's wardrobe (Ed Note:  But all I wear is slap bracelets and parachute pants!).  That's where you guys come in.

It's a CGB Caption Contest writ large.  Place your entry in the comments section.  There's no limit on the number of entries.  Humor is not required, though it certainly couldn't hurt.  It would also be nice if our new tagline wasn't one that needed to be changed in another year's time.  Feel free to check out other SBN sites and steal their ideas.

Unless there is one entry that clearly stands above the rest, we'll probably collect the best five or so and put up a poll next week.  Winner(s) will receive the satisfaction of having contributed something positive to society, which is more than we can say for TheMaharg.  Also, if you're old enough, I'll buy you a beer.  (If you're not, I'll still buy you a beer, but we gotta keep it on the down low, m'kay?)  [NOTE: The California Golden Blogs does not endorse the cool crime of underage drinking.]

With that, give us your best shot!  Tagline away!

[Edit:  By all means, if you see a tagline you like, use the 'Rec' button.]