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Cal v. MSU 8.30.08 II: First Half

Part I

At the tail end of last year, I purchased a new camera with a 6x optical zoom.  I am hesitant to use the digital zoom, because it decreases the kwality of the photo.  So, my photos are not at the same level as TheNick's, but we have what we have.  If you have photos of the game, feel free to post them up in the comments here.

These are the photos from the first half.  Unfortunately, Cal was never really driving towards the South endzone.  We mostly got to see the Spartans on offense near our area.




That did not stop me from attempting to take as many great photos as possible.  Keyword:  attempt


You never know what an interesting play or moment might arise.  It is essentially a guessing game.



Remember when MSU had 1st and 40 and then 3rd and 30:


You don't see that too often:


This is a sight we will most likely be seeing for a while now (barring injuries):


Jahvid staying warmed up:


The problem is that when amazing plays take place in generally boring circumstances, they are generally missed.  That blocked punt for a TD return took place RIGHT in front of me.  It seemed very similar to last year's Worrell Williams TD return off the Follett sack.  This big play that energized the fans AND the team.  There is always nervousness that the team isn't going to get it done when you open up a new season.  Especially with all the questions from last year. 

I even thought in my head "Maybe I should take a photo of this punt.  Nahh, what could happen?"  And then.........blam!  But man did the fans go crazy after that one:




This one came out a bit poorly, but it was what I was discussing in a thread yesterday.  SydGod (I forget who to credit for that) making an open field tackle on a player kwite a bit larger than him.


If you look just to the right of center here, there's 1 Cal fan DEEP in the middle of enemy territory:


That HAD to be awkward!

Here are a few of TheNick's great photos that I lack the context for, so I thought I would just put them out there.  I have got to get a SLR with a sweet lens like him:





I believe this is the field goal that the Spartans missed after their TD reception was overturned.


Whoever that is on the left can jump!

TheNick put one of these up already, but he got some great shots of Jahvid keeping Longshore from throwing two pick sixes:





Given that we won by 1 TD, that play looms large.  Might be bigger than his 200+ yards etc etc etc. 

Yknow, my section definitely had some problems with the post-TD crowd surfing.


In the next installment, there is a woman who gets dropped.  Why did we suck so much?  Maybe I should have helped instead of taking photos of the carnage.

I forget exactly when this occurred, but on a big play near the goal-line, Tedford came running over to call a TO near the end of the half.



With Cal up 17-7 at half



The First Half ended in a celebratory mood:


Now, who wants to see some photos of roses??????