Should Nate Longshore Have Been Booed?

Well, the scenario didn't play itself out exactly as we expected, but it was still fairly ugly. I heard it from the TV pretty clearly even without speakers: Polite cheers turned into quick moans when Longshore threw pick 1 (not exactly his fault), and then outright booing.

I've heard what Riley did, which is pretty sweet, but it makes you wonder how fairweather Cal fans are, as if they've forgotten 2006 and Longshore's spectacular debut season. Now they're happy to toss him aside for Riley, and hope he never leaves the bench, and are calling for Brock Mansion to take second unit reps.

This is one of the top five winningest quarterbacks in Golden Bear history. (Whether he won or lost because of the talent around him is fairly irrelevant. He still had to throw the balls). Think of all the crappy college football quarterback play you see on Saturdays. You're really going to say Longshore sucks?

This thread isn't dedicated to his play though. It's aimed at the Cal fans who need to justify their reprehensible behavior on Saturday, old Blues and young ones. Booing a college athlete=bad. You fans have become a little too entitled and pampered these past six years. All of you know what bad QB play is like--go watch the Niners or Raiders in September to remember what it's like. Longshore has done both good and bad for this school, and don't forget that.

Should Nate Longshore have been booed? If so, why?

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