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This is the third in a series of Open Threads designed to allow fans to discuss not only the big game between Cal and MSU today, but also all the college football action.  It's opening day, like XMas and Purim rolled all up into 1!  Check out Avinash's post for information on viewing options.

And check out Open Thread I and Open Thread II first.  If those are packed (about 200 comments) and have started to slow down, come here.  This is our first time doing this, so we have NO idea how it is going to go.  But we figured better safe than sorry.  This one might not even be used.  But if this one gets filled up and is slowing down, I guess the next step will be for somebody to create a FanPost and go there.  After we see how today goes, we'll be able to better plan for future gamedays.  Please work with us to create the best possible Open Thread experience for all involved.  And, remember, no matter what, GO BEARS!