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Cal Fan Appreciation Day 2008 Part III: E

Part I

Part II

After meeting Jahvid and Co., we got into the Offense line, which was not as long as previously perceived. And when we got to the front, who else would show up, but special guest star, PatChris:



When I joked with LBJ Jr. that his signing my hat made it a whole lot cooler than all those football players, he was all "Nah, I chill with them all the time, these are my boys." So, the basketball team and the football team are close. You can see my hat is picking up steam there! Go Signatures!


LaReylle Cunningham likes the Florida Marlins for some reason, not sure why. Or he just wanted to match his shorts with his hat. So fashionable!


Alex Mack is one big cuddly bear of a man. He's HUUUUUUUUUUUGE


While waiting in line, we were looking through that Tom Schneider picture book of Cal football from last year. There was a photo of Alex Mack in a hot tub reading a book. So, when we got up to him we mentioned that.

But Mack said that that was not a hot tub and was, in fact, an ice tub. My friend noted that the ice tub sounds "epically worse" than a hot tub. I have to agree. But Mack didn't seem to mind it too much. He's definitely a better man than I.

Apparently this is Jordan Kay, the kicker with the perfect hair:


Not a strand out of place.

When we got to the end of the table, these two guys on the right were yelling at Tepper for "yanking the sheet." Tepper was denying he yanked anything. So, I started yelling about how nobody should be yanking the sheet and they need to show some class. I mean they aren't USC players. They don't have jock itch. That last line worked well.



Note that Mike Tepper signed Ta'ufo'ou's arm there. Tepper is a real cut up, I can see why everybody loves him. He's also a true hero.




When we got to Tepper, he was talking with one of the media people. He said he was going to Lafayette tonight. He was going to get really wasted, take the BART back and then call her and demand she pick him up. Or else something really embarassing media-wise might happen.

As a native of the Lamorinda area, I understand how difficult it can be to find a solid party in Lafayette, so Tepper might have bitten off more than he could chew. If anybody has any knowledge of Tepper at one of their Lamorinda keggers from Saturday, let us know.

Everybody loves this guy!


After we finished with the offense line, we saw a bunch of players milling around behind the defense table. So, we went up to get their autographs.



I think this guy was Bernard Hicks' dad or something. I saw him innumerable times during the day and he was wearing Hick's Armed Forces Bowl jersey.


This is Matt Rios, apparently one of the best long snapper prospects in the country:



This is Charles Johnson, who is also very big. When I got up there, he was talking about how tight the jerseys are. I told him he needed to lose some weight. He was looking a big fat there. Again, I felt confident insulting him to his face, because I knew he couldn't do anything back to me lest I feel unappreciated. Saturday was the day us FANS have the power!

Then, we went over to get some of the kicking squad:


35 is Ryan Themier, a Punter. 19 is Bryan Anger, another punter. Punters stick close together. They're like family! Except for when one stabs the other in the leg. Watch out Bryan Anger, watch out! Bee Tee Dubz, does anybody know how to pronounce Anger's name? I've got no clue!!!

Here's a bunch of players looking at the sign up information for Project Michelle, which was heavily promoted on Saturday.


And that was pretty much the end of it. I love this mural in the stadium. SNAP TO WHISTLE!


And the hat came out great:



So, now I am incredibly excited for the upcoming season. I asked many of they players if they were ready to kick some MSU butt and they seemed incredibly ready to go. Raring to go! Their excitement for fall camp to be over and the season to start only helps my excitement! GO BEARS!