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YouTube Thursday We Knew Him BEFORE The Mustache

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May The Mustache Lead You To The Glory Land.





Now, with the Aaron Rodgers Era in full gear out in Green Bay, we thought it prudent to take a look at some of his highlights. We start out with a tribute to his facial hair. As a man who loves variety in his hair, I respect Rodgers greatly for his advancements in the follicle arts. Plus, anybody who rocked the ironic mustache was a god to me back in the day.

A-Rod highlights:

A Conversation with Aaron about the upcoming season:

Aaron playing against USC in 2003:

Aaron Rodgers in a comedy skit:

Another Rodgers interview:

Rodgers back in 2004:

I'm not sure I've introduced you yet to perhaps the greatest saxophonist to ever walk the face of the planet: Roland Kirk. Or Rahsaan Roland Kirk as it were. I really love this version of "Volunteered Slavery." Everything about this song is just pure energy. I love it!

And yes, he can play 3 saxes at the same time. And he's totes uber sick like fuck when he does it. He's also blind. I don't think he plays 3 in this song, though.