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YouTube Thursday We Knew Him BEFORE The Mustache

May The Mustache Lead You To The Glory Land.





Now, with the Aaron Rodgers Era in full gear out in Green Bay, we thought it prudent to take a look at some of his highlights. We start out with a tribute to his facial hair. As a man who loves variety in his hair, I respect Rodgers greatly for his advancements in the follicle arts. Plus, anybody who rocked the ironic mustache was a god to me back in the day.

A-Rod highlights:

A Conversation with Aaron about the upcoming season:

Aaron playing against USC in 2003:

Aaron Rodgers in a comedy skit:

Another Rodgers interview:

Rodgers back in 2004:

I'm not sure I've introduced you yet to perhaps the greatest saxophonist to ever walk the face of the planet: Roland Kirk. Or Rahsaan Roland Kirk as it were. I really love this version of "Volunteered Slavery." Everything about this song is just pure energy. I love it!

And yes, he can play 3 saxes at the same time. And he's totes uber sick like fuck when he does it. He's also blind. I don't think he plays 3 in this song, though.