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Boom Got Them Slingboxes

Yellow Fever is really quite annoyed that his Slingbox isn't working.

hey rod

10:09pm Rodrique (Rod Benson)

my slingbox has issues too

they all do

whats up

10:09pm Yellow Fever


i'm just impressed you're writing back

huge fan

so you going to be in nets camp this year?

10:10pm Rodrique



10:11pm Yellow Fever

aw man

10:11pm Rodrique

whats wront with yoursling box

10:11pm Yellow Fever

beats the hell out of me

10:11pm Rodrique

they kind of suck to get set up

10:11pm Yellow Fever

i'm out traveling

i probably just need to go home and turn it off and on or something stupid

10:11pm Rodrique

you hope

10:11pm Yellow Fever

well yeah, i hope

so thanks for that bar trick too

that's been working well for me

or it would if i needed a girlfriend

or if i needed more than one

10:12pm Rodrique

maybe you need to explore the latter

but thanks again

i do what i can

im working on boom got thme 3 as we speak

10:13pm Rodrique is no longer online.