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YouTube Thursday: The Greatest Mascot To Ever Scare Women And Children

Seriously, though, when Oski drinks through his eye, that's just creepy. I mean c'mon! And nobody ever knows who is under there. OskiComm is more secretive than Dick Cheney at a The Terrorists Could Be Listening convention. What are they hiding under that cartoonishly oversized head and cardigan combo?

Let's start with these videos, which is awesome not only for the Oski crowd surf, but also the sweet memories of Marshawn's performance in UDub 06.

Oh god, he's doing it. Take that out of your eye. Oh noes!

Damn, Steve Levy is a totes D.

STOP DRINKING THROUGH YOUR EYES!?!? THIS WILL HAUNT ME IN MY SLEEP!!??!?! There are some things you can never un-see.

Oski is very inspiring to the RallyComm members here. Just all part of the job of the Hardest Working Bear in Showbusiness.