7.31.08 DBD WE'RE #17! WE'RE #17!

At least according to SBN sister site Dawg Sports and their writer T. Kyle King.  Normally, the First Initial Middle Name Last Name thing falls into my pretentious name (a la T. Nathanial Hook).  But I should be nice to Mr. King, because he put us in his preliminary top 25.  We are the 4th Pac10 team there behind USC ASU and Oregon.  Fair enough, dude.  Fair enough.  I'm just happy to see us in the Top 25, even if it's, well, just one of "us." 



Natalie Coughlin, seen here preparing to marry me in my "Olympic Dreamzzzz Wedding Ceremony," was named a Team Captain of the Olympic Team.  Go Mrs. TwistNHook!

Berkeley - Two-time Olympian, world record holder and Cal swimming legend Natalie Coughlin, along with Dara Torres and Amanda Beard were selected as the women's team captains for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Swim Team announced on Wednesday.

On the men's side, three-time Olympians Erik Vendt and Jason Lezak, and two-time Olympian and world record-holder Brendan Hansen were selected as captains. Team captains were selected by a team vote at the team's domestic training camp held in Palo Alto, Calif., last week.



Q+A with Olympic swimmer Martii Aljand. How has Cal helped you attain this dream?


Aljand: "I think at some point change is always positive. I trained with the same coach for over 10 years, but there was a stage at which I though I got all the information I could from him, so I needed a change really bad. The team I have here is very competitive, racing in a competition every day."

I have to appear in Vallejo at 8:30 on an Estate, so I don't have much time left.  I have to leave early to get up there.  Ai!  Oh well, I'm not sad, because this Estate started when I was in law school and has been dragging on and on and on as the children and ex-wife battled over all the money.  And now its closed!  Yay!

I'll leave you with something awesome:



Helloooo, Mrs. Tedford!  GO BEARS!

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