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YouTube Thursday - This One Time At Band Camp Jokes Have Not Been Funny For Almost A Solid Decade Now

Well, then.  Our running YouTube Thursday routine has been going for quite a while now and we have yet to show off what is easily America's #1 greatest resource:

The California Marching Band.  Time Magazine proclaimed them as the Best Damn Band In The Land.  The Beatles called them "bigger than Jesus."

Let's get this party started with what may be one of the Marshawnthusiasts for this site.  It is a bit difficult to tell.

Here they come, marching up the hill.  It has been so long, I can barely remember all the cadences.  I think there is still one named after me, but I'm not sure.

Here they are playing the songs of Blondie.  I think Blondie is a band.  Not sure.  So far I am not sure about a LOT of things.

Let's go Old Skool.  1989!  I was 8.  A young New Kids Of The Block was teaching America to love again.  And a toddler Dumpster Muffin was just learning how to annoy the fuck out of everything ever. 

Look at how empty those stands were.  Crazyness.  For anybody who doubts Tedford, just look at that.

Big Game 1989.  SO CRAZY!

Even I, a supremely superior phonez player full of supreme supremeness, can give some begrudging props to the Gold Bonders amongst us.  Impressive stuff.

But the Band is just one part of it.  One amazing part of it.  Let's not forget the awesomeness that is the Cal Dance Team.

This would not be complete without the classic Video Game show:

I've really been digging "Can't Get my Mind Around You" by The Philosopher Kings recently.  But I can't find them on YouTube.  so, here's "You Stepped On My Life."