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YouTube Thursday: America Heck Yup! Edition

Yeah, I dont think we are allowed to swear in titles now. Ai!

In honor of July 4th, we thought this YouTube Thursday could be enough filler to last the 3 day weekend, where many of us will be far away from computers. So, enjoy this slowly like a fine wine. It might be the only thing to get you through the weekend!

And what will many of you be doing over this delightful weekend? Swimming! In pools! And breaking world records! So, in honor of your new world records, we thought we'd do a YouTube Thursday highlighting one of the finest athletes from Cal: Natalie Coughlin.

Here's a video about a MP3 player or some such thing you wear while swimming. Sounds futuristic.

And here is Natalie's advice for young swimmers. I know *I* feel inspired!

Natalie Coughlin wins a race in 2007:

Natalie Coughlin breaks her own world record (but what else is new?):

Training tips from Natalie:

And, of course, a classic scene from the movie Independence Day, which is about as apropos as it is ever going to be:

Have a happy July 4th! Go Bears!