Quotable Quotes: Berkeley City Council Meeting

As some (five) of you may know, I am dating the stunning specimen of a man known as CBKWit.  And like any good woman, I stand by my man (giving all the love I can).  Lately, my man had both bad and good times (sing it, Tammy), from the tree sitters and the long bo's to the continuously canceled city council meetings, and I've waited with two arms to cling to (this is the end of the "Stand By Your Man" references, I promise), as he blogs late into the night to bring you all the breaking news stories from the fault lines.

After reading his recent post about the world-changing city council meeting last week (and seeing that TwistNHook referenced a video of the event), I decided I had to check it out for myself. 

Holy Christ. I had always thought the hippies in his stories were wild caricatures, highly exaggerated for comic effect.  I was wrong.  I was so, so, very wrong.

You can see it for yourself here, or read on for my favorite quotes.  Many people were well-rehearsed, as if they had crafted their monologues and rehearsed at home ("time me, honey!").  Some just blathered on, somehow fortunate (for them, not for us) enough to have multiple minutes donated by their fellow hippies (minions).

Please note that I have edited for readability, but certainly not for content.  Enjoy.

"The ZAB will recess!  Respect contrary points of view!" (Mayor Bates

  • Zachary Running Wolf of the Black Feet Nation: "Know that the world is in flux, and that we need to look at the's about the Seven Generations which my people live by.  Anyone who wants to commit a hate crime, not only to the native people, but to the World War I vets and then as I spoke to the hate to the children, because our children are going to have to inherit the global warming...I'm ashamed to give these children the world right now.  That's why I'm up in those trees."   Oh, is that why?  He went on to say, "Yeah, we are eating our own children right now."  Um, ok buddy. 
  • Raccoon Eyes of Cherokee native pride:  "In our ways when the creator made us from the sacred time, creation time, first man first woman time, the creator made us all the holy people...I now approach you from a spiritual perspective...the idea basically being that this is a struggle for human and civil rights in Berkeley, California...remember to take, to remember, it's an honor and a prigilege to be an elected official and it is an honor and privilege to address you with our concerns."    Huh? 
  • Corner Brightman of United Native Americans Incorporated: "Look into your hearts and really look at the issue that is at hand...look into your hearts and do what's right...up there at that grove there is an Indian burial ground. it is proven, it is proven through a lot of different ways through western society that there is a burial ground up there, not to mention there is a fault line up there.  what is going to happen the next time there is a huge earthquake...what is going to happen to all these people [that come to the stadium]?  they're going to end up hurt and sick and dead."   Because of the burial ground or the earthquake?
  • Peter Chranuf of himself: "I'm not here to ask anything to anyone that is beholden unto mammon.  And to those within the sound of my voice, this is not a request, this is not a demand, but from on high a command that there will be the great general strife come this full moon, it will be a new tune. [something about farm labor "shutting it all down"] Those of you who are involved in maintaining the game of mammon, you will be found on the ground, on your knees, as the rest of this country within 40 days and 40 nights, of the Great American General Strike, for this is the time, and we are the power, and we are the flower, we are the awesome blossom.  I have said it , it shall be so. aho."   We are the awesome blossom?  You mean like at Chili's?  Aho!
  • Mayor Bates (wise man): "I should have said this at the outset, but you have to actually keep your remarks to the lawsuit. it's not open for any other topics at this point, ok?"  you would think this would be obvious, but apparently not.  Thanks for the all-too-necessary clarification, Batesy.

And finally, a poem (ish) from "Jim."  I'm only posting quotes from the first approximately 1/10th of the meeting, but please forgive me.  I'm at work, and there is just too much gold in this video for one woman to mine while pretending to file expense reports.

  • go bears, go bears, go bears.  when the oaks are cut down - how many ohlone and native american graves will they unearthen with the caterpillar tractors? how many skeletal remains will they find?  go bears, go bears, go bears.  when the next big - um - loma prieta - erm - when the next big one hits on the hayward fault, how many students will be killed by falling debris and collapsed bleachers? go bears, go bears, go bears. and how many games will uc berkeley win, and how many games will uc berkeley lose between now and then? and how much does a football coach earn in comparison with a phd professor? go bears, go bears, go bears. cause at the in the end it's all about winning. go bears, go bears.


I think that just about says it all.




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