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Hey! Where's my free stuff?

What happened to the free vouchers to the C level home game?  And the free ticket to the volleyball and women's basketball games.  And the free burrito!  Sure, I rarely, if ever used some of those.  But I like to have them.

This year, we didn't get squat.  Except for like 7 "great deals on oil changes."  My car runs on Marshawn power, I don't have any oil in there.  This is great.  Just great.

Well, like last year's post we have some shots of what the season tix look like.  I don't want to push the posts below this on the page down too much, so I have placed them all on the inside of this post.  Read on!










They shortened the tickets and made them fatter this year.  I don't know why they made them choads, but the middle schooler in me is ecstatic!  Go Bears!