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In a contextually relevant sense, this is YouTube Thursday

For this YouTube Thursday, we thought we'd dwelve into the Cal ads a bit and some other videos about Cal as a whole. Some are produced by Cal, others appear not to be. One I just stumbled upon and is from some dude (some dude!).

The first is, by far, the absolute classic. A home run. A touch down. A 3 point shot from a moderately far range. Ok, basketball needs a better analogy for epic success.


This one says "This is our house." Did they even see the domicile video???

This one reminds me of those old UC Jazz flyers with the guy saying "You See Jazz?"

And the director's cut:

Why I like about this video is that they got like Steve Reich or Terry Riley and are unapologetic about it. Why do ads have to make sense??

This one is long. But fair. But also long:

Berkeley clearly didn't produce this video, but hey, let's learn more:

This is just a bunch of kids talking. I was once one of those kids! And I can talk (lord knows how I can talk!). They should have asked me:

Another produced ad:

This is a Berkeley video I just stumbled upon about some dude's first quarter in 1970. Interesting stuff:

This isn't really related, but it apparently just aired, it's about DeSean going to the Iggles from the Iggles perspective:

And finally, speaking of avant garde composers like Steve Reich and Terry Riley, one of my favoritest Philip Glass songs evair. There's no video, just the audio being played, but it's so sick.........................

Damn, that's good. GO BEARS!