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YouTube Thursday- Each Individual California Football 2008 Sporting Event Shall Be Of Indeterminate Value

This is the Cal Athletics YouTube Channel.  Probably going to be your premiere source for Cal Athletics videos. 

They have several videos of the Cal Women's B-Ball team in Africa, like this one right here.

But before we check those out, check out Cal's newest promo video (which is from the Cal athletics website).  I can't embed it here, because the embed code causes it to play immediately upon being opened and it has sound.  I'm looking out for your job security.  The link is here.  It=rawks.  FUCK and, in an unrelated story, YES.  HELL 2 DA YAH!  Basically, watch the video!  

And apparently, you can forward the video to friends to try to get prizes or something.  It's all there.   

Back to employment-safe YouTube videos.


This is a video from UC TV.  The first part is about Cal football student-athletes from a  few years back.

Commercial for season tickets in 08:

Jerry Rice speaks at Cal Pro Day

Just stumbled upon these bad boys.  Cal Coaches Tour (which we attended):

And you can see how funny Montgomery is:

Marche Slav(e) is easily my favorite Tchaikovsky piece.  I searched YouTube high and low for the best possible video of it.  This is all they had.  Ai!  You can't even see the strings play (which is disasterous, because they dance delightfully when playing Marche Slave(e)). 

But note it is the MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY.  HELLO!  Their symphony sounds, uh, less than stellar.  If their football team plays anything like their brass section, we're gonna DESTROY them.  I'll look more into their symphony to see what else can be gleaned about their football team.